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Memoirs  29 Mar 2014
Memoirs section collected - collecting.
There u can find old match screenshots and vids, thanx for all who helped-helping with stuffs. If you have missing ones, pls post on forum or alarm kobold on the one of the following:
mail: ; ICQ: 213025743 ; MSN: ; Skype: the.kobold

=================================================  29 Mar 2014

CTIPC S2 - Iron is Lord of Sinul  8 Apr 2009
Iron becomes lord of Sinul after LaKing is a no show. Any players with
the courage to challenge Iron should do it quick before Iron thinks he is unbeatable. Post your challenge here.

CTIPC S2 - Ruz is Lord of Schippio  11 Mar 2009
dr. Kadryl was unable to stand up to the military might of RuZ who is now Lord of the island Schippio. Any players with
the courage to challenge RuZ can do so here.

CTIPC S2 - Iron is Lord of Tasmania  11 Mar 2009
Iron has defeated Laking to become Lord of Tasmania. Any players that think they can beat Iron, should challenge
him in the Tasmania Island thread here.

CTIPC Season 2 - Lord of the Island Matches Begin  11 Mar 2009
CTIPC Season 2 has begun. Who will be Lord of the Island? All registered CTI players are encouraged to challenge
the current Lord of the Island to a match - if you think you have what it takes to win.

Players not challenging can sign-up to play as fighters.

Lord of the Island match results can be found here.

Challengers and players can post here.

CTIPC Registration for Season 2  9 Jan 2009
Registration for Season 2 of the CTIPC is underway. All CTI players are invited to join.

Season 2 is scheduled to start in February.

Registration thread can be found here.

Hotshots Win Season 8 Championship  28 Jun 2008
Hotshots triumph over SAM on Trinity to win the CTITC Season 8 Championship.

Congratulations Hotshots on their third championship cup.

Match reports can be found here.

Season 8 - Championship Series Match #2  7 Jun 2008
A Resistance soldier ruins the Hotshots' chance for a sweep of the series after destroying their MHQ with an RPG early in the match
giving SAM the win. With both teams now tied with one match each, next week's match winner will take the championship cup.

Match reports can be found here.

Season 8 - Championship Series Match #1  2 Jun 2008
Hotshots destroy SAM on Trinity after 1 hour and 50 minutes to win the first match in the best of three championship series.

Match reports can be found here.

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